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6 Ways Business Owners Can Prepare for Retirement Today

First, effective leadership is in place at all levels in the organisation. Your organization may have excellent pay, benefits, and employee-friendly policies, but if incompetent leaders are in place, your team will not be motivated to adapt and change.

Second, your people are personally motivated to change. Change happens when people are sufficiently dissatisfied with the status quo and are willing to make the effort and accept the risks involved in doing something new.

  1. Share information freely. Information is the lifeblood of any organization.
  2. Help people see why the change is necessary. During times of change, getting and disseminating information is critical to operating effectively, flexibly, and quickly.
  3. Encourage participation within your team. Allow others to make informed decisions, rather than imposing your own. This will increase employee autonomy and empower your team members to do their best work.
  4. Make communication a two-way process. Talk but also listen, especially to people who are resistant to change.
  5. Get into the trenches with frontline employees to better understand the day-to-day issues they face.
  6. Push decision making down to the lowest levels possible. Give people practice in collaborative work between functions by tackling problems and assigning projects through cross-functional teams.

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